Fundamentals of Design Thinking, Ideation & Creative Collaboration

Extracting knowledge and ideas from diverse people to create ‘remarkable’ customer experiences

1 Day (9:30-16:30) interactive training course

  • Central London

£575 (ex. VAT) per attendee (max 10 attendees)

  • includes breakfasts, lunches, refreshments throughout, course materials, certificate of completion

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Brief description:

The talent and knowledge within your organisation (or your clients' organisations) can be a great asset if only it can be unleashed creatively and collaboratively. You need to unlock the creativity from subject matter experts who don't usually get involved with such things, and get those that do normally design things to approach solution forming from a wider or completely different perspective all together. You need to also unlock people from their own assumptions and pet solutions and get people working together to share, co-create and ultimately co-own resulting solutions.

This course takes you through a whole workshop process to do exactly this. You will participate in a full end to end program of activities learning by trying out a number of representative techniques for real.

It’s fun, it’s interactive, you will meet interesting people to exchange ideas and experiences with, you will produce something worthwhile and go back to your desk armed with weapons (and a few dinner party tricks) to impress your colleagues and friends.

Is it for you?

If you have a stake in improving conversions, satisfaction and loyalty from interactions with customers – this is for you.

Participants are typically, marketing managers, digital marketers, project managers, designers, developers, user experience managers...

What you will learn

Some of the topics covered:

  • The principles of idea generation - the idea lifecycle
  • Generating a shared brief
  • Getting the most out of groups, overcoming barriers to sharing
  • Exploding ideas (numerous techniques and theories)
  • Evaluating and communicating ideas
  • Developing ideas
  • Introduction to testing ideas in the wild for validation

Learning objectives

After completing the lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the full cycle of how briefs are turned into concepts through idea generation, evaluation, and development
  • Understand the theories behind idea collaboration
  • Control inputs from group members and moderate a group
  • Learn key techniques for idea generation
  • Practice and consolidate understanding though practice with key techniques
  • Gain confidence in how to find and adapt techniques to meet your specific needs
"I really enjoyed the practical part of the course and learning the whole process. "

Ben Cohen
Innovation Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support

"Jon Dodd is a very energetic and fun trainer - really engaging. I loved all of the exercises! "

Jo Stray
UX Consultant, Citi Group

"Definitely recommend to others. Jon is very knowledgeable and this came across in the course. Being a newbie to the whole area I wasn't made to feel stupid or silly when asking questions - in fact I was encouraged to do so. "

Kieran Smith
Business Analyst, Capita Employee Benefits

"I'd recommend this course. It was very useful to go through these techniques and to learn new ones. "

Janika Leisalu
UI Designer, Workshare

"Team is very attentive and helpful. The trainer was engaging and I enjoyed the day. "

Claire Dracott
UX Lead, News UK

About your trainer

In the late 90s Jon escaped the cosy confines of academia where he researched (amongst other things) how you and your brain judge attractiveness, discern the shapes of shampoo bottles, and make decisions when shown visual illusions (he can also tell you a thing or two about how faces indicate age, gender and trustworthiness and why caricatures work so well).

In 1999 Jon co-founded Bunnyfoot Ltd, the leading usability and user centred design consultancy (he remains the CEO), and more recently Think Eyetracking - a consultancy which provides cutting edge market research and software for optimising the performance of all visual media.

He likes to keep hands on where possible (recent clients include Boden, Microsoft and Nectar) but is also in demand for national and international conferences and training. Jon is currently writing a book on 'the psychological and visual basis of customer decision making' and needless to say he is searching for a more punchy title – suggestions?

Image of Dr Jon Dodd

Dr Jon Dodd

Founder and Managing Director

Has a thing for sharks, sails big boats


The Venue

4th Floor
54 St John's Square
London, EC1V 4JL

Located in the heart of Clerkenwell just 5 minutes walk from Farringdon mainline railway and underground stations.

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  • Great rooms and equipment

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