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Bunnyfoot were the pioneers and are now one of the leading providers of the Certified Practitioner of User Experience Course (CPUX) in the United Kingdom. Created in association with the International Usability and UX Qualification Board, this professional 3-day UX certification programme covers usability evaluation methods and theories – in particular usability testing. It is independently assessed/certified by iSQI.

Prerequisite: To take the CPUX-User Testing course, attendees must have passed the CPUX-Foundation exam

Modules Price
Full 3 day training course and certification:(independent theoretical and practical examination) £1750 (ex. VAT)
Only certification:(independent theoretical and practical examination) £575 (ex. VAT)

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What is CPUX and CPUX-UT?

CPUX (Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience) is an international standard for qualification of individuals who are professionally involved in developing or ensuring the usability or user experience of products.

CPUX-UT (CPUX-Usability Testing) is an advanced module which focuses on the preparation, moderation, and analysis of usability tests and builds on the foundational CPUX-F course. 50% of the course will be spent on practical exercises like writing test tasks, moderation, and communicating usability test results.

More information about CPUX on www.cpux.org

Is it for you?

This course is for anyone holding the foundational CPUX-F certification. It is the perfect addition to your UX knowledge if you are involved or interested in usability testing, whether you are a product manager, software developer or designer.

  • Ensure that your knowledge of usability testing is completely up to date
  • Acquire knowledge and skills that follow the established conventions
  • Have a recognised proof of your knowledge of usability testing
  • This certification is one of the four advanced qualifications of the CPUX curriculum, besides user requirements engineering (CPUX-UR), interaction specification, information architecture and prototyping (CPUS-IIP), and usability engineering (CPUX-UE)

What you will learn

The course is based on content from the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB) and delivered in London.

The course provides a deep dive into several aspects of usability testing:

  • Planning: Test plans, test scripts, pilots, recruitment
  • Execution: Preparations, briefing, pre-session interview, moderation, test tasks, debriefing
  • Communication of results: Analysis of results, test report, KJ-method, video summaries
  • Quantitative usability tests – measuring usability correctly
  • Variants of usability test: Discount, remote, unattended, RITE, retrospective recall, eye-tracking, A/B
  • Ethical rules for usability tests
  • “Selling” usability tests and usability test results to your colleagues
  • Other usability evaluation methods: Inspections and surveys

Download the CPUX-UT curriculum (pdf, 887kb)

Certification Test

The assessment consists of a theoretical test and a practical assignment.

For the theoretical test you must answer a number of questions about usability evaluation within 90 minutes. The theoretical test takes place at the end of the third day of the training.

For the practical part, you must plan, conduct and report a usability test with at least 3 usability test participants of a website within one week of your choice.

In order to gain the CPUX-UT certification, you must score at least 70% in both tests. To obtain the CPUX-UT training license, you must score at least 80% in both tests.

Here you can find an example of a complete certification test www.uxqb.org/en/

What are UXQB and CPUX?

The International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB) is a consortium of internationally recognised experts in usability and user experience. UXQB’s objective is to develop, maintain and manage the certification program (CPUX -Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience).

CPUX is an international standard for qualification of people working professionally within UX. So far professional UX-organizations in six European countries have joined UXQB: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Holland and Denmark.

CPUX-F, Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level, is the basic UX certification and foundation for more advanced certifications in usability testing (CPUX-UT), user requirements engineering (CPUX-UR); interaction specification, information architecture and prototyping (CPUX-IIP), and usability engineering (CPUX-UE).

Read more about UX certification www.uxqb.org/en/ where you can also find curricula and examples of the tasks that you have to solve if you want to be certified. The course includes many additional, unpublished examples of test tasks.

About your trainer: Cathy Carr

With her background in product design and user research, Cathy has become a prominent and highly respected user experience researcher at Bunnyfoot since joining the company back in 2011.

Some of her most recent clients include: The BBC, CITB, Oxfam and Vodafone.

Cathy has extensive experience interviewing and observing users, from small children to older adults, as they interact with different products, services and systems. This includes moderating participants using common devices such as TVs, websites and apps through to the more complex or unusual like the controls of a laser eye machine. And if that wasn’t enough, on top of face to face testing, she’s overcome the challenges of remote testing, testing internationally and even testing in other languages!

This makes Cathy perfectly placed to share her passion, stories and insights with the attendees of Bunnyfoot’s user testing course.

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