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Our approach to creating superior customer experiences

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Evidence based design

This is the underlying ethos that drives everything we do. With evidence you can:

  • avoid design based on assumptions and opinions
  • avoid ‘design by committee’ and the ‘hippo’ effect (recognise those meetings?)
  • design more quickly and confidently
  • be more innovative and edgy, less conservative and ‘me too’ – another product carousel anyone?
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User centred design
(customer centred design)

This is the framework we use to construct superior and profitable customer experiences

The key is placing your customer at the heart of the design effort: Researching, Testing and Validating at each stage

We will expand on this later below

User Centred Design diagram. A circular flow, starting with research, model, architect, design and optimise which loops back round to research. Test sits in the middle of the circular flow diagram

The Bunnyfoot Hierarchy of Customer Action

We use this to explain and illustrate how we build in persuasion and emotion on top of the vital bedrocks of usability and desirability

It's based mostly on established principles and methods from psychology, behavioural economics, usability, ergonomics and HCI

We use a structured approach to research, define, implement and objectively test each level - ultimately creating positive actions, thoughts and feelings by customers

Hierarchy of Customer Action Pyramid. Containing 4 levels: Desire (might do), Usable (can do), Presuasive (will do) and Emotional (can do)

Joined Up Interactive Customer Experience

When we started in 1999 we mainly helped people enhance their websites – improving usability and conversions and the overall experience

For the last few years we have been successfully applying the same principles to offline experiences (e.g. in-store, magazines, TV) – and of course mobile/tablet

Where it works best is where all touch points are joined up. Some people call it omi channel, some call it service design, we just call it a great customer experience.

A range of icons representing the the areas we can provide user experience consulting on: Web, retail, product packaging, software, games, mobile, app, touch screen, interactive television, print and email.

We are usable and accessible

Our clients like our flexible and bespoke approach – and the simplicity, practicality and clarity of our deliverables

  • We work in partnership with you
    • to support you and your teams
  • We produce deliverables you can act upon now
    • not ones you weigh and occasionally dust
  • We will design focussed bespoke research methods for you
    • to give you the best ROI and avoid bloat
  • We will advise you on the best use of our services
    • even when it is not to spend with us
  • We are not the usability police!
    • we don’t criticise we help make things better
Image of a random cloud our client's logos: tso, University of Surrey, Microsoft, UEFA, Visa, Find my past, Vodafone, RM, BNP Paribas, Plusnet, National Fraud Authority, Brita, Achilles, BFI, M and S, Sky, Chartis, ICO, EDF, Tesco, learn direct, NHS, Playstation, Skills funding agency and Pepsico

Some Details: Expanding User Centred Design into its stages

Yes there are a lot of activities - and to be honest no-one ever does them all - we help you pick the right ones for your needs

Testing and Evaluation

Testing and evaluation is at the centre of things - it's one of the primary ways of delivering evidence to drive design forward.

There are a whole spectrum of testing techniques including; traditional face to face lab-based testing, remote testing, in the field testing, analytics and MVT.

Activities include:

  • Expert usability eval
  • User testing
  • Accessibility audit
  • Prototype testing
  • Eye tracking
  • Card sorting
  • Navigation testing
  • Look and feel testing
  • Remote testing
  • Analytics
  • Multivariate testing

...and more tailor made for you


It’s important we understand your goals, your business opportunities, learn from the competition and (importantly!) the wants, needs and expectations of your audience

Learn about your

We immerse ourselves in understanding about you, your business and your objectives

  • Business requirements / stakeholder workshops
  • Participatory design / concept testing
  • Requirement analysis planning
  • Business to customer uncovery

Learn about your

Learn from your competitors and how you rank against them

  • Competitor research / benchmarking
  • Best practice analysis / feature analysis
  • Digital marketing strategy

Learn about your

Uncover the essential wants, needs, and expectations through valid and targeted behavioral research

  • Behavior observation
  • Diary studies
  • Audience surveys
  • Depth interviews
  • User/Customer requirement workshop (focus groups)


We distil the research into design tools that are easy to understand and communicate. These drive the design forward from a basis of shared knowledge

Customer models

Powerful and proven tools to help understand and describe how your customers interact with you

  • Persona development
  • Scenario and use case setting

Customer interaction

We model the possible ways your target customers will interact with you and your services

  • Content audit and analysis
  • Ideation / concepting
  • Participatory design workshop
  • Mental modeling
  • Mental model / content model

Testable concepts

We create and test concept structures that have been created based on ease of customer interaction

  • Concept rationalization
  • Information architecture
  • Concept generation
  • Storyboarding
  • Lo-fi prototype sketching


We design and evaluate your site or system through incremental improvements ....design, test, then improve, then test then…. (as many times as possible)

Information architecture

We develop the concept IA’s into a Blueprint of the entire site which will help develop the navigation between the pages of the site

  • Information architecture development
  • Content strategy

Develop the
Interaction design

Before spending excess amounts of time creating accurate designs. We sketch out potential layouts to your site which can also be tested with the customer

  • Paper prototyping
  • Iterative wireframe development
  • Clickable prototype development

Document with

Once we have a design that we happy with, we convert it into a fully working interactive wireframe which can test a variety of interactions against its users

  • Information architecture blueprints
  • Interaction design documentation
  • Wireframes
  • Templates
  • Elements


We apply creative execution for our wireframes because many clients appreciate an end to end service – we apply the same rigor to this as to the information design

Creative concepts

Creative and brand concepts are explored with you. We might challenge you to think differently.

  • Creative research exploration
  • Mood/concept boards
  • Competitor / brand analysis
  • Creative workshop

Evolve and
Develop the creative

Chosen concepts are explored and developed. Ideally we user test responses to the creative too.

  • Creative concept generation
  • Hi-fidelity design application
  • Template production
  • Creative testing

Design guides / assets

Signed off creative are converted to assets to facilitate implementation.

  • Design guide production
  • Design asset production
  • Presentation layer code


Long term

Access to our expertise and dissemination of our skills into your team.

  • ‘Rent-a-guru’ ongoing ’on call’ immediate access to our experts
  • Workshop, training and seminars
  • Policy documentation


Regular reports and intelligence to keep you on top.

  • Advanced visitor analysis
  • Benchmark quantitative testing
  • Competitor monitoring / trend spotting
  • Social media monitoring
  • Satisfaction surveys and interviews


On going tweaking for improved performance and feeding back of the data about behaviours to insight for the next UCD round.

  • A/B testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Maintain & update customer intelligence
  • Design Modification updates
  • Persuasion audits

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