Exit rate reduced from 45% to 21%

Over the coming years, The Southbank Centre is undertaking a strategic programme of work to revolutionise the way that audiences engage with the arts.

In order to do this, Southbank Centre knew that a robust understanding of their existing audiences' behaviours and motivations with the current website would be vital. So, to help inform their website redesign planning, they enlisted Bunnyfoot to carry out a program of customer research and modelling. And, while the ultimate aim was to inform the future strategy for the Southbank Centre, Bunnyfoot also provided recommendations for quick-wins that would have an impact on targeted areas of the website right away.

What Southbank Centre wanted:

  • Understand how and when audiences use the Southbank Centre website. What do they like about it?
  • Discover what audiences may want to see on the Southbank website in the future
  • Identify what attracts new users and encourages them to explore and participate in what South Bank Centre have on offer
  • Inspire increased awareness and attendance for Southbank Centre events and activities (ticketed and free events)

What Bunnyfoot delivered:

  • Insight into how the website was currently functioning and a collation of best features of competitors’ websites
  • Learnings from users on what parts of the website were working well and areas where improvements would make an impact
  • Wireframe redesigns for both the home page and events pages incorporating responsive design

The Work:

Wireframe image of What's on Filter results
"What's On" filtered results

To complete these objectives we:

  • Conducted senior stakeholder workshops and interviews in order to fully understand Southbank Centre’s organisational objectives and aims for the site
  • Carried out expert evaluations of the website and best features reviews of other industry sites in order to quickly assess the sites against recognised user experience best practise
  • Completed several rounds of usability testing (both in-lab and on-site) as well as an online survey to support our learning with quantitative data from existing and potential users
  • Proposed a new site Information architecture and provided advice to improve the taxonomy with results and insights from a card sorting exercise
  • Generated Personas portraying audience goals, behaviours and motivations when interacting with the site in order to help prioritise the design and implementation of features and functions. We used mental models to identify key points of influence and persuasion throughout the different user journeys
  • Mocked-up wireframes based on customer insight and usability testing for a revised homepage and events page including how they would linearize for the Southbank’s responsive design
Mobile Wireframe concept
Mobile wireframe concept


  • Exit rate reduced within one quarter from 45% to 21% following improvements to the "what's on" filters
  • Bounce rate reduced within one quarter from 32% to 28% following changes to the website "what’s on" filters
"The usability work we did with Bunnyfoot was so valuable to us in improving our current website and also in planning for the new website. We learnt so much about our audience and their motivations. The team were great to work with and it was fantastic to watch the sessions in the lab"

Lucie Paterson,
Website Transformation Project Manager

South Bank Centre

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