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380% increase in key kpi, improved navigation and engagement, spontaneous praise from customers!

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The Siemens Enterprise Communications website is aimed at a technically adept international audience who are looking to install large scale communications solutions to their business. They now design with their customers in mind to ensure they can easily find the right solution and download the information they need to make a purchasing decision

Siemens Enterprise Communications wanted:

  • A clear and intuitive structure for the website
  • Increased downloads of key content, such as case studies
  • A layout that supports the main German, US and UK markets

Bunnyfoot delivered:

  • A set of key personas to guide development based on expert evaluation, user testing and international remote testing of the existing site
  • A validated information architecture and set of wireframes that drove the final design which when launched generated 80 pieces of spontaneous praise from customers for the clear, simple new structure
  • Clearer routes to key content led to a 380% increase in case study downloads a key performance KPI for the site
  • Analytics showed customers found information with more efficiency (reduced number of pages viewed) and engaged more with the site bounce rate reduced together with time on site increased)

The Work

Our first challenge was to talk to key stakeholders and research Siemens Enterprise Communications' main audience in the US, UK and Germany. The insight helped us to design a new information architecture and wireframes that reflected how customers searched for solutions and made the decision to buy.

Personas were a huge support during development to ensure that journeys were built based on the real needs of the primary audience. Further testing both in person with eye tracking and remotely through screen-sharing refined our designs with the international audience.

After the site was launched, Siemens Enterprise Communications received around 80 pieces of spontaneous praise that the website was much clearer and simpler to use. Analytics backed this up by showing that customers were finding content more effectively and engaging with the site more.

Case study downloads – a key KPI for the site increased by a whopping 380%.

Since the initial engagement we have worked with Siemens on multiple projects including a full redesign of their Intranet.

Siemens Enterprise Communications homepage wireframe translated to design
Siemens Enterprise Communications - wireframe translated to design

No website stays the same forever and Bunnyfoot are always on hand to ensure new designs integrate seamlessly into the new, clear structure. We look at evidence from previous research or quickly deploy new research in their target markets, using native consultants so that tests are carried out to high standards without the cost of translators.

"Bunnyfoot are an absolute pleasure to work with. I completely trust their recommendations – they are always backed up with evidence and experience and it is amazing to see website performance significantly improve as a direct result of their work"

Clare Frary, Web Consultant
Siemens Enterprise Communications

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